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 80115 Network Administration Tool 80115 Network Administration Tool - Filled with the top-quality brand name tools you expect from
80115 Network Administration Tool - Filled with the top-quality brand name tools you expect from
80115 Network Administration Tool
Designed for System Administrators
Have MACs (Moves, Adds, Changes) taken over your life?

Can't afford downtime? This kit is for you!

Everything for the Professional System, LAN & Network Administrator

If your network is like most, you simply can't afford downtime. The 80115 Network Administration Tool Kit has everything you need to keep your system up and running smoothly. From punching down new wiring to repairing patch cords to tracing cable runs to adding a board or mounting equipment in a rack, this kit has the tools and test equipment to not only get the routine system tasks done but also handle the bigger jobs in record time.

Power and performance is on your side with this fully loaded tool kit that is highlighted by a Test-Um network cable tester, Psiber's Network Optimized Tone & Probe Set, a Paladin All-In-One Modular Crimp Tool and a Harris Punchdown Tool with both 66 and 110 type blades. We round out this kit with a UTP & STP Cable Stripper, pin extractors, flashlight, pliers, screwdriver and torx blades and other critical sysadmin hand tools all neatly and conveniently laid out in a durable soft-sided Cordura case. Never again be without the right tools for the job.

Kit Highlights:
LAN Rover Cat5 Cable Tester - Detects mis-wires, opens, shorts and split pairs.
Network Optimized Psiber Tone and Probe Set - Easily traces both active and inactive wiring to either the patch panel or to Hubs or NICS.
Paladin All-In-One Crimper - Crimps 4-pair, 6-pair and 8-pair plugs.
Harris Punchdown Tool with 66 and 110 type blades - Quickly connect wiring in keystones or patch panels.
UTP & STP Cable Stripper - Performs circular or lengthwise cuts.
RS-232 Pin Extractor - Replace bent or broken cable pins.
Flashlight - For those dark wiring closets and ceiling installs.
2 Torx Driver Blades - Essential for these increasingly common computer fasteners.

Professionals, like yourself, rely on their tools to make a living. That's why features only the best in brand name tools and test equipment. You can buy with confidence knowing that all the hand tools in our kits are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

See below for the kit pricing for this series.

80115 Tool Selection
Cable Tester, Test-Um Lan Rover
Cordura Case, Black Telecom
Flashlight, Mini-Mag AA
Handle, for blades, 4"
Paladin All-In-One Crimp Tool, RJ45/RJ11
Pin Extraction Tool, RS-232
Pin Extraction Tool, High Density
Plier, Heavy Duty Cutter, 5"
Plier, Long Nose w/cutter 6"
Psiber Tone Generator
Psiber Probe
Punchdown Tool, 66 & 110 blades
Scissors, Electrician's
Screwdriver, Blade, Phillips, #1
Screwdriver, Blade, Phillips, #2
Screwdriver, Blade, Slotted, 3/16"
Screwdriver, Blade, Slotted, 1/8"
Screwdriver, Phillips, #0 x 2"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 3/32" x 2"
Spudger, Probe Pic, with metal tip
Stripper, UTP
Torx Blade T10
Torx Blade T15
80115 Kit Pricing
80115 Network Administration Tool Kit
Weight: 10 lbs

Can't find the kit you need? Check out our Tailor-Made Tool Kit Program TM!

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