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 82000 Series Copier/Office Repair Kits Show me the large selection of top quality tools from the brand names you trust.
82000 Series Tool Kit
82000ASB Copier/Office Repair Kit
Perform preventive maintenance and repairs to reprographic systems.

64 Piece Kit For Copier Service

Single Pallet Design Leaves Extra Storage Space Underneath

Copier technicians often service many brands of machines, each with its particular specifications and tools. The 82000 series kits take this diversity into account and offers the variety of tools you need to maintain and service photocopiers, FAX machines, advanced imaging systems, and other high-tech office machinery. To keep this kit affordable, the 64 most useful hand tools are included, making this tightly focused kit a budget friendly choice. Available in 9 different tool case configurations, so you can pick the case that works best for you.

Professionals, like yourself, rely on their tools to make a living. That's why features only the best in brand name tools and test equipment. You can buy with confidence knowing that all the hand tools in our kits are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

Built For:
• Copier Manufacturer Reps  
• Copier Service Techs  
• Anyone who is responsible for maintaining and servicing copiers or office equipment.

Kit Highlights:
Long Reach Screwdriver - 10" gets to those hard to reach fasteners.
Long Reach Springhooks - The easy way to remove and replace springs.
E-ring Puller - Fumble-free way to remove and replace external retaining rings.
Snap Ring Pliers - Our very best German-made Knipex pliers.
Rubber Roller Restorer - To clean and revitalize rubber platens and rollers.
Magnetizer / Demagnetizer - Magnetically charge your screwdriver and tools.
• Plus many more commonly used basic hand tools.

Optional Gear:
3M Toner-Safe Vacuum - Powerful, compact, ESD-safe, ideal for copier service.
Want a second pallet? - Choose from 12 different styles to find one that works best for your extra tools.

See below for the case options and pricing for this series.

82000 Series Tool Selection
Bottle , plastic, 4oz.
Brush, Parts
Burnisher, Contact
E-Ring Puller
Feeler Gauge, metric
Hex Key Set, metric 6pc.
Hemostat, straight, 5'
Hemostat, curved, 5'
Jewelers Screwdriver Set, 6pc.
Hammer, Ball Peen, 4oz.
Knife, Electrician's
Level, pocket style
Mag/ De-magnetizer
Pick-up Tool, magnetic, extending
Mini-File Set, 6pc.
Mini Mag Flashlight, AA
Mirror, Inspection, extending
Oiler, no leak brass valve stem
Parts Box
Pliers, heavy-duty cutter, 5"
Plier, Long Nose, w/ cutter, 6"
Pliers, Slip Joint, 6"
Pliers, Vise Grip, 5"
Pliers, Snap ring, external
Rubber Roller Restorer, 3.6oz
Rule, metric, stainless, 6"
Screwdriver, Phillips, #1 x 3"
Screwdriver, Phillips, #2 x 4"
Screwdriver, Phillips, #2 x 10"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 1/8" x 3"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 1/8" x 8"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 3/16" x 4"
Screwdriver, 4 in 1 Stubby
Screwdriver, w/ Torx bits, T6 - T10
Screwdriver, Offset, ratcheting
Solder, Pocket Pack 10' x .031 dia.
Soldering Iron, 25 watt
Soldering Iron Tip, 1/16"
Spring Hook, push, 11"
Spring Hook, pull, 11"
Wrench, adjustable, 4"
Wire Stripper, adjustable

82000 Series Case Options
A tough yet lightweight and compact molded polyethylene tool cases feature locking latches and a combination lock
and available in granite or black. This rugged hard case allows your tool kit to be checked as baggage. Slimline Attache' Tool Case

Our Thinnest Hard-side Tool Cases

Rugged Design and Professional Appearance

Is your tool kit too heavy? Then lighten your load with this slimline tool case. The slender case design prevents you from overloading your case, yet it still comfortably holds two standard size tool pallets, with extra storage space below the bottom pallet. The stylish all-black appearance allows you to blend easily into professional environments. Made tough, these cases carry our one year warranty.

82000ASB  Kit in 4" Black Slimline Attache Tool Case
I.D.: 17.62"x 12.75"x 4.75" Kit Weight: 17 lbs

A tough rotationally molded polyethylene tool cases feature locking latches and a combination lock
and available in granite or black. This rugged case allows your tool kit to be checked as baggage. Roto-Rugged Tool Cases

Rotationally Molded For Long Life

Extended Three Year Warranty

Our most popular tool cases. These rotationally molded beauties are made tough, with extra-thick corners and feet, right where you need it most. You know they're durable, we back them with our three year warranty.

82000RLB  Kit in 6" Black Roto-Rugged Tool Case
I.D.: 17.75"x 12.75"x 6" Kit Weight: 17 lbs
82000RLG  Kit in 6" Granite Roto-Rugged Tool Case
I.D.: 17.75"x 12.75"x 6" Kit Weight: 17 lbs
82000RLLB  Kit in 8" Black Roto-Rugged Tool Case
I.D.: 17.75"x 12.75"x 8" Kit Weight: 18 lbs
82000RLLG  Kit in 8" Granite Roto-Rugged Tool Case
I.D.: 17.75"x 12.75"x 8" Kit Weight: 18 lbs

7 8" Classic Roller Tool Case

Best Features of Our Larger Cases

Portability & Convenience of a Smaller Case

NEW 8" Classic-Roller Tool Case - The best features of some of our larger tool cases combined with the portability and convenience of a smaller sized tool case. Rugged and stylish, the 8" Classic-Roller Tool Case adds a pair of recessed ball bearing wheels and a 41" telescoping handle that locks in place to our tough rotationally molded case.

Rotational molding means this case is strongest and thickest in the corners and edges as well scratch and peel resistant. The rugged components that make up this case include a full length piano hinge, corrosion resistant black finish on all locks and steel hardware and a comfort padded steel-core handle. The Classic-Roller comes with two keyed latches and a combination lock for security.

82000RWLB  Kit in 8" Classic Roller Tool Case
I.D.: 18"x 13"x 8" Kit Weight: 20 lbs

Single Zipper Multi-Pallet Soft - This case features interchangeable tool pallets, heavy-duty zippers and large outside pockets. Single Zipper Multi-Pallet Soft Case

Holds Two Standard Pallets

Our Lightest Pallet Case

Excellent choice if you want to reduce the amount of weight you are carrying, or simply prefer a soft case. This durable Cordura case option uses the same standard size pallets as some of our hard cases enabling you to quickly move your tools to a hard case for out of town travel. Includes a shoulder strap and our one year warranty.

82000CLL  Kit in Single Zipper Multi-Pallet Soft Case
O.D.: 18"x 12.75"x 3.5" Kit Weight: 20 lbs

Super-size Soft Side Cordura Tool Case - This case features interchangeable tool pallets, heavy-duty zippers and a large lockable center compartment for your laptop, drill, or other large equipment. Super-Size Multi-Pallet Soft Case

Soft Case With Hard Case Roominess

Huge Center Storage Compartment

Do you love the rugged good looks and light weight of the Cordura soft cases but can't give up the large storage capacity of the hard cases? Then you should get your new tool kit in this soft case, that carries as much, or more than some hard cases.

On one side, you get room for two tool pallets in a zippered compartment and places for all your paper work in the other side. In between these two zippered compartments is a huge lockable storage space, perfect for your laptop, test gear, or extra tools. Includes a basic shoulder strap and our one year warranty.

82000CXX  Kit in Super-Size Multi-Pallet Soft Case
I.D.: 17"x 12"x 5" Kit Weight: 22 lbs

Wheeled Tool & Laptop case Wheeled Tool & Laptop Case

Telescoping Handle and Wheels
Four Section Nylon Case
Center Laptop Section with Padded Sleeve

Tool Kit and Office On Wheels
Don't leave anything behind as you head to your next job with this lightweight and slimline portable tool kit and office on wheels. Your tools, laptop and all your business necessities in one case that features the ease and convenience of wheels and a telescoping handle. Best of all this all-in-one tool kit and laptop case meets airline carry-on size requirements.
This rugged and durable four-section nylon case features steel hardware, three interior sections (one specifically for tool pallets), accessory pouches for meters and parts boxes, a 39" flush-mounted telescoping handle, moulded wheel housing, in-line skate ball bearing wheels.

82000CWL  Kit in Wheeled Tool & Laptop Case
I.D.: 18.25"x 14"x 9" Kit Weight: 26 lbs

Can't find the kit you need? Check out our Tailor-Made Tool Kit TM Program

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