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 84776 Copier Maintenance Vacuum Kit Show me the large selection of top quality tools from the brand names you trust.
88700 Series Tool Kit
84776 Copier Maintenance Vacuum Kit
Just the necessary tools to open, clean and maintain copiers.
Vacuum & Tools In One Portable Kit

Kit Comes With or Without Vacuum

Features 3M ESD & Toner-Safe Vacuum

Tecra Tools' Copier Repair Tool Kit includes all your most-needed tools plus the industry-leading, 3M Toner Vacuum, all in one convenient, portable tool kit.

Why carry two separate bags, when one is all you need? With our Deluxe Office Machine & Copier Repair Tool Kit you have all the tools and equipment necessary to efficiently clean and maintain copiers, printers, computers and other common office machines. This tool kit, with its durable, wheeled, duffle bag tool case, holds all your tools and supplies along with the powerful 3M toner vacuum in a compact, lightweight package that is easily maneuvered, even in tight places like elevators and equipment rooms. The zippered duffle bag also has extra room to hold even more tools and cleaning supplies to get the job done right. The ESD-safe and toner-safe 3M vacuum is compact, self-contained and lightweight. This high-efficiency vacuum was developed for safe and rapid clean-up of office and business equipment.

As a professional tech, you can't afford to rely on cheap, low quality tools. With you get the brand names you trust and a LIFETIME WARRANTY ON ALL HAND TOOLS.

The professional quality, ESD-Safe, toner vacuum from 3M is UL and CSA listed and carries a three year warranty.

The wheeled 22" Duffle Tool Bag easily fits most portable vacs including the 3M models #496 and #497 and has several additional zippered pockets to hold all your tools and gear in one organized, compact case. Duffle Measures 22" x 12" x 11" and features rugged, all-terrain wheels and telescoping handle.

Built For:
• Copier Repair Technician  
• In-House Maintenance Technicians  
• Office Equipment Repair Techs  
• Printer Maintenance Techs  
• Anyone who regularly does maintenance on copiers or business electronics and machinery.

Kit Highlights:
3M Toner-safe/ESD-safe Vacuum - Efficiently clean the equipment you service.
Long Reach Screwdrivers - #1 and #2 Phillips, 3/16" and 1/8" slotted for hard to reach fasteners.
Mini Maglite AA - Bright beam for easy and effective inspections.
Fiber/Brass Face Mallet - Soft mallet faces don't mar or dent like steel.
Rubber Roller Restorer - To clean and rejuvenate rubber platens and rollers.
Universal Cleaner/De-greaser - Removes the goo, and beats the grease.
• Plus many more commonly used basic hand tools and cleaning supplies.

See below for the pricing for this tool kit.

84776 Tool Selection
Universal, Cleaner/De-greaser
Bottle, leak proof, 1oz
Brush, parts, 10"
Duster, 10 oz. w/spray nozzle
Flashlight, Mini-Mag AA
Hammer, fiber/brass faces
Hemostat, straight, 5"
Scissors, slim line, 5"
Mirror, inspection, swivel 2" oval
Rubber Roller Restorer, 3.6 oz
Screwdriver, Slotted, 3/32" x 4"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 3/16" x 10"
Screwdriver, Slotted, 1/8" x 10"
Screwdriver, Phillips, #1 x 10"
Screwdriver, Phillips, #2 x 10"
Kimwipes, 4.5" x 8.5", 280 ct.
84775 Tool Kit Pricing
84776 3M Vacuum Maintenance Tool Kit
O.D.: 18"x 12.75"x 3.5" Kit Weight: 17 lbs (with Vac)
84775 Maintenance Tool Kit w/o Vacuum
O.D.: 18"x 12.75"x 3.5" Kit Weight: 8 lbs (without Vac)
For those with vacuums, the hook & loop fastener straps allow the kit to be used with various sizes of vacuums, up to 18"x 8"x 10", but not recommended for vacuums shorter than 14" long.


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