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 84850 Fiber Optic Testing & Restoration Kit 84850 Fiber Optic Testing & Restoration Kit - Filled with the top-quality brand name tools you expect from
84850 Fiber Optic Testing & Restoration Kit - Filled with the top-quality brand name tools you expect from
84850 Fiber Testing & Restoration Kit
Quickly Diagnose & Inspect Fiber Problems
Quickly Diagnose and Correct Common Fiber Defects in both Multimode and Singlemode Fiber Installations

Must-Have Kit for Mission Critical Fiber Installations

Downtime is the biggest enemy of any fiber optic plant. With this unique kit you can quickly diagnose and correct many common fiber defects in both multimode and short run singlemode fiber installations. Don't let your site go down without this vital kit on hand.

With this amazingly comprehensive kit you can inspect and clean fibers, repolish fiber ends, detect fiber breaks, test for loss through multimode or short run singlemode, clean connectors and even recleave fiber splices. It is simply a must-have kit for mission critical fiber installations.

Kit Highlights:
*Noyes MLP4-2 - detector and lightsource for loss testing
Polishing Kit (lapping film, plate, pad and universal puck) - for on-the-spot repolishing of ST, SC or FC connectors
Noyes 200x Inspection Scope - enough magnification to detect even the smallest fiber defects
*Noyes Hi-Lite Visual Fault Finder - compact yet powerful enough to pinpoint fiber breaks
Rugged Pelican Protector Case - use for go-anywhere durability

Professionals, like yourself, rely on their tools to make a living. That's why features only the best in brand name tools and test equipment. You can buy with confidence knowing that all the hand tools in our kits are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

See below for the kit pricing for this series.

84850 Tool Selection

Alcohol Dispenser, locking pump-type
Cleaning Cartridge, Cletop
Cleaver, Clauss
Inspection Scope, 200x
Jacket Stripper, Ideal
Kevlar Shears, Miller
*Noyes Hi-Lite Visual Fault Finder
*Noyes MLP4-2 Testing Kit
Pelican Case, 1500
Polishing Pad & Plate
Polishing Film, 25 sheets
Polishing Puck, diamond coated
Stripper, Miller
Swabs, foam tipped
Wipes, lint free

* items in 84850 kit only

84850 Kit Pricing
84850 Fiber Test & Restoration Kit
Weight: 17 lbs

84851 Basic Fiber Test & Restoration Kit *without Noyes Fault Finder and Noyes MLP4-2 Tester
Weight: 15 lbs

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