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 84880 Emergency Fiber Restoration Kit 84880 Emergency Fiber Restoration Kit - Filled with the top-quality brand name tools you expect from
84880 Emergency Fiber Restoration Kit - Filled with the top-quality brand name tools you expect from
84880 Emergency Fiber Restoration and Splicing Kit
NOTE: Due to the emergency nature of this tool kit, Tecra Tools has these critical kits in stock and ready for immediate overnight shipment!

Are you prepared for catastrophic outages in your fiber optic network? With our new Emergency Fiber Optic Restoration Kit, you can be!

Fiber outages can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars for every hour the line is down. Every one of your repair teams need to have an emergency response plan and the tools necessary to carry it out on hand at all times!

In conjunction with a number of our telecom and datacom customers, Tecra Tools has developed this exclusive emergency restoration kit with everything you need to perform rapid, field repairs to damaged fiber optic cables.

The Emergency Fiber Restoration Kit is designed to enable field crews to perform immediate temporary repairs on damaged fiber using simple, inexpensive Fibrlok mechanical splices from 3M. This tool kit includes everything you need to clean and prep the cable, strip and splice individual fibers and store the repaired fibers in an easy-to-use temporary splice enclosure. Simply span the damaged gap with your fiber optic cabling of choice, splice the fibers at either end of the break, load and seal the spliced fibers in the enclosures and you are back in action!

The Emergency Fiber Restoration Kit uses industry standard 3M Fibrlok mechanical splices. 3M Fibrlok splices are easy to use and can be installed rapidly in difficult outdoor conditions. This makes training your crews simple and saves both money and valuable time! In addition, the kit includes a high quality snap-off style cleaver from Fitel to maximize the performance of the restored splices.

Each Emergency Restoration Kit includes two temporary splice enclosures. These simple one piece, waterproof, trouble-free enclosures facilitate temporary repairs and can be left above ground or reburied awaiting future permanent fusion splice repair crews. The entire kit is packaged and organized in an indestructible, waterproof Pelican case, ideal for storage on all your service trucks and ready to go in an instant!

Kit Highlights:
Two Temporary Splice Enclosures - easy-to-use, one piece enclosures hold up to 48 splices each.
Twelve 3M Fibrlok Mechanical Splices* and Assembly Tool - rapid, easy-to-learn mechanical splicing system is reliable and field deployable.
Fitel Snap-off Cleaver - produces consistent cleaves that perform superbly in mechanical splicing applications.
Cable Jacket Preparation Tool - built to safely and quickly dismantle cable insulation.
Cleaning Wipes - keeping the work area clean and dirt free and improves speed and results.
Clauss Snub Nose Fiber Optic Stripper - the snub nose stripper is specifically designed for use when prepping multi-fiber ribbon cables.
Pelican Waterproof Indestructible Case - everything you need organized and at your fingertips in a single all-weather storage case.

Professionals, like yourself, rely on their tools to make a living. That's why features only the best in brand name tools and test equipment. You can buy with confidence knowing that all the hand tools in our kits are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

See below for the kit pricing for this series. Additional 3M Fibrlok mechanical splices can be ordered separately and added to the Emergency Fiber Restoration Kit, see below. This kit ships at 30 pounds.

84880 Tool Selection

Pelican Hard-Sided Storage Case
Temporary Splice Enclosures, 48 splice capacity (2)
3M Fibrlok Mechanical Splices, 12 splices
3M Fibrlok Assembly Tool
Fitel Snap-Off Cleaver
Cable Stripping Tool
Fiber Buffer Tube Jacket Stripper
Clauss Snub Nosed Fiber Stripper
Optic Prep Wipes, 50pk
D'Gel Cleaning Wipes (4)
Utility Knife with 5 Extra Blades
Silicone Sealant, 1 tube
84880 Kit Pricing

84880 Emergency Fiber Restoration Kit
Kit Weight: 28 lbs

32529 Fibrlok Mechanical Splices, 6 Pack
Weight: 1 lb

Can't find the kit you need? Check out our Tailor-Made Tool Kit Program TM

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