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Tool Kits for Computer Service
Computer tool kits to repair, install configure and maintain computers, printers, and related equipment. Computer Field Service Technicians are frequently called upon to quickly repair, upgrade, configure, and maintain computers on corporate networks. Any downtime costs the corporation big money in lost productivity. You, as a highly trained professional, working on computers, workstations, servers, printers and peripherals know the value of having the right set of professional quality tools. understands the diverse needs of computer techs and has developed a variety of Computer Tool Kits to match. The kits shown below are built to tackle any situation from simple configuration changes, upgrades, and minor computer repairs to full-blown on-site installs, server room maintenance and complex troubleshooting.

Do you work on network and LAN equipment as well? Check out our Network Tool Kits section for details. includes only name brand hand tools in the tool kits we sell. With brands like Klein, Xcelite, Ideal, Allen and Weller, it shouldn't surprise you that every hand tool carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

80118 PC & Network Maintenance Kits 80118 PC & Network Maintenance Kits

This tool kit is tailored for complete computer and network maintenance and troubleshooting. With more than 100 tools for the installation, diagnosis & repair of Ethernet and Fast Ethernet networks over either, UTP or STP cable and the service and maintenance of computer related peripherals and components, this kit is ready to handle any computer or network failure and get your systems up and running in no time.
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80120 Computer Maintenance Tool Kit 80120 Computer Maintenance Tool Kit

Whether you are responsible for installing mainframes, configuring workstations, upgrading PCs, or all three, this Computer Maintenance Tool Kit has it all. Featuring a complete ESD kit, over 87 critical tools, and your choice of 18 different case styles, Computer Service Engineers worldwide choose the 80120 series tool kits.
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14202 PC Service Roll Kit 14202 PC Service Roll Kit

This ESD safe computer service kit is the perfect addition to any tool kit. This inexpensive basic computer service kit carries 12 anti-static tools necessary for work around static sensitive chips and components.
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Can't find the kit you need? Check out our Tailor-Made Tool Kit Program TM!

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