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Tool Kits for Fiber Optic Service Technicians
With a Networking Tool Kit from you will be ready to install, maintain, and repair existing or new LANs or WANs Fiber Optic Service Technicians rely on their tools to install complicated and expensive data and voice systems. Because of this, only top quality, high performance tools and equipment will do. That's why all of our fiber tool kits feature the best brand tools from names you trust like Miller, Noyes, Siemon, Clauss and TrueView.

Fiber Optic Tool Kits from are built to accommodate all types of fiber systems and connectors. Whether you are terminating, testing, restoring, inspecting or cleaning fiber optic cabling and networks, downtime is your biggest enemy. We have a fiber tool kit for you! justTOOLKITS features seven different fiber kits to handle all aspects of servicing fiber systems from splicing, crimping, stripping and polishing to testing, restoring, inspecting and fiber safety.

Professionals, like yourself, rely on their tools to make a living. That's why features only the best in brand name tools and test equipment. You can buy with confidence knowing that all the hand tools in our kits are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

84880 Emergency Fiber Restoration and Splicing Kit 84880 Emergency Fiber Restoration Kit

The Emergency Fiber Restoration Kit is designed to enable field crews to perform immediate temporary repairs on damaged fiber using simple, inexpensive Fibrlok mechanical splices from 3M. This tool kit includes everything you need to clean and prep the cable, strip and splice individual fibers and store the repaired fibers in an easy-to-use temporary splice enclosure.
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84860 Pro Installer Fiber Termination Tool Kit 84860 Pro Installer Termination Kit

Our newest addition to our fiber optic tool kit line is the Pro Installer version of our popular Fiber Termination Kit. Tailored for high performance fiber installers, this kit features an upgraded Westover 200x Fiber Inspection Scope and the industry standard Cletop brand fiber end-face cleaner.
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84855 Fiber Optic Termination Tool Kit 84855 Fiber Optic Termination Tool Kit

This new kit was designed with Uni-versatility in mind. We know you work with all types of fiber systems and connectors. That's why this kit includes a universal crimper, a universal polishing puck and a universal 100x inspection scope to handle nearly any SC, ST or FC connector with ease. This kit contains everything you need to strip, prep, terminate, crimp, polish and inspect over 200 fiber optic connectors.
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84872 Hot Melt Add-On Kit 84872 Hot Melt Add-On Kit

This easy-to-use Hot Melt Add-On Kit is the perfect addition to either of our fiber optic termination tool kits ( 84855 or 84860 ). When paired with either of our termination kits the 84872 Hot Melt Add-On Kit contains everything you will need to perform Hot Melt connector terminations. Whether you are terminating 3M Hot Melt™ connectors or ITT Cannon Quick Shot™ connectors, this kit will work for you.
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84854 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit 84854 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

The 84854 Fiber Optic Cleaning kit has everything you need to properly clean optical fiber end faces, bulkhead connections and fibers in preparation for splicing applications. Whether you are using singlemode or multimode fiber, this kit is designed for you. This kit contains everything you need for over 400 fiber cleanings and comes neatly organized in a convenient storage case making it ideal for onsite storage at all of your fiber optic facilities.
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84850 Fiber Optic Testing & Restoration Kit 84850 Fiber Optic Testing & Restoration Kit

Downtime is the biggest enemy of any fiber optic plant. With this unique kit you can quickly diagnose and correct many common fiber defects in both multimode and short run singlemode fiber installations. Don't let your site go down without this vital kit on hand.
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84852 Fiber Optic Inspection & Cleaning Kit 84852 Fiber Optic Inspection & Cleaning Kit

Regular inspection and cleaning of fibers can prevent fiber plant downtime before it happens. Keep your installation running at peak performance with this new tool kit. The fiber Inspection and Cleaning Kit has everything you need to perform routine maintenance on fiber optics including the proper chemicals, scope and continuity tester.
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32531 Fibrlok Fiber Splicing Kit 32531 Fibrlok Fiber Splicing Kit

The Fibrlok fiber splice preparation kit provides all the tools necessary for the assembly of 3M Fibrlok Mechanical Splices. The kit contains splices, splicing tools, carry case and manual.
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32320 Clauss Fiber-Safe Safety Kit 32320 Clauss Fiber-Safe Safety Kit

Don't compromise safety when working with glass fibers. Clauss has developed a Fiber-Safe safety kit specifically for working with glass fiber. Kit includes work mat, fiber trash can, teflon tweezers, bifurcated cleaning swipes and safety glasses.
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Can't find the kit you need? Check out our Tailor-Made Tool Kit Program TM

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