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Tailor-Made Tool Kits

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Only The Tool You Want

Gain Control Over Tool Purchasing

Easy Ordering - Just One Part Number

Reduce Loss and Cut Costs

Let our in-house experts work with you to configure the ideal tool kit!
The Tailor-Made Tool KitTM Program is designed for our corporate customers who want a tool kit built to their exact specifications. The Tailor-Made Tool KitTM Program is perfect for growing companies who are adding techs or opening new offices and established companies who are looking to change their existing tool kit supplier or standardize the kits they use regularly.

The Tailor-Made Tool KitTM Program is simple, only 4 short steps:
Step 1: Provide with a list of the tools you would like in your kit, via phone, fax or use the online form below.

Step 2: We'll talk with you personally to determine the specific needs and goals for your new Tailor-Made Tool KitTM.

Step 3: We provide you with a competitively priced tool kit, custom-built for you, including your choice of tool case and pallets. We'll give your new kit a unique part number and parts list to make ordering easy!

Step 4: As your tool kit needs grow, simply order your Tailor-Made Tool KitTM using just one Purchase Order and a single part number. It couldn't be simpler!

The Tailor-Made Tool KitTM Program already has many satisfied customers such as, Qwest Communications, United Airlines, Motorola, Sequent Computers, PSINet and many more. These customers know that our program offers significant benefits, including:

Reduced Purchasing and Administrative Costs
The Tailor-Made Tool KitTM Program makes it easy for you to set up and purchase custom built tool kits. No longer do you have to call a hundred places to buy a hundred different tools, does the work for you! When we create a kit, we assign it a single, easy-to-remember part number. When you hire new technicians, just call and say send me more of my tool kits.

Gain Control Over Tool Purchasing makes it easy to control the skyrocketing costs of outfitting your service technicians. When you take advantage of the Tailor-Made Tool KitTM Program you specify every tool in your kit. No more money wasted, buying tools that are not absolutely necessary.

Better Tool Management
With a standardized kit and a detailed tool list, you and your technicians know exactly what tools were originally in their kit, and what they are responsible for. Many companies have their technicians sign for their kits and replace any tools found missing upon return. It is amazing how few tools get lost under a tool management plan like this.

Rapid Tool Replacement
In the event of tool loss, we provide an easy re-order sheet, listing every tool in your new tool kit. Just mark the missing parts, fax it to us, and we will ship the replacement parts out right away.

Tailor-Made Today
Start right now by completing the form below, and you too can realize the benefits of working with If for any reason, you would rather speak to someone directly, please give us a call:
Toll free 1-800-284-0808 or 303-338-9224.

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It is easy! Just enter your wish list, and describe the features or list part numbers if possible.

PLEASE: Double check your phone and Email information before clicking submit.
 thanks you for the opportunity to design your Tailor Made Tool Kits TM. We will respond to your request with a quote, usually within three business days.

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